One from Nippon is a weekly, curated newsletter. We showcase Japanese products that have exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

Every week we choose one great product, research it extensively, speak with people, and distill all that into one polished article.

Why did you start this site and newsletter?

Japan is famous for its technology, quality, and attention to detail. Most people experience this firsthand when using products from Toyota or Sony.

But there are literally tens of thousands of Japanese artisans and companies that make wonderful products, services, and experiences you have never heard about.

With this newsletter we hope to pull the curtain aside a little on these great products that make life easier, richer, or more fun.

Who are you?

We are a couple who have lived in and loved Japan for a long time.

Our lives have been immeasurably enriched by Japan's nature, culture, and craftsmanship. We want to pay that forward.

This newsletter is a labor of love we want to share the joys of well-crafted Japanese products with as many people as we can.

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  • Like Japan and Japanese culture
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