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TIDA Fabric Flower Accessories

TIDA is a small Japanese company that creates beautiful fabric flowers and crafts accessories out of these.
TIDA Fabric Flower Accessories

Japan has a rich tradition of artisans who spend years—if not their whole lives— mastering their craft. Some of Japan’s most wonderful creations come from small, artisan-led businesses.

Today we would like to showcase products of one such venture.

TIDA is a small Japanese company led by a fabric flower artist.

They create beautiful fabric flowers by hand, and then craft accessories out of these—like the earrings you see in the photo above.

These flowers are made petal by petal, by precisely cutting out pieces of fabric, shaping them, and dyeing them. The petals, which now look very real, are finally combined in intricate designs to create accessories.

Every petal is hand-made, so TIDA's products are made in small batches. New designs are released every month.

Besides the exquisite designs, many choose TIDA for how light they are and for the surgical stainless steel that helps with metal allergies.

TIDA's CEO told us that she started the company after being inspired by designs she saw on social media. But it took intense study, practice, and lots of trial and error to transform that moment of inspiration into the beautiful pieces we see today.

She says, "It is daunting work, but it is a labor of love. If the delicateness of our pieces and our passion reaches people, that makes me happy.".

Seeing her video of how these flowers are made, it is easy to understand this is a labor of love.

A lot of content on TIDA's Twitter and Instagram is in Japanese, but we think you don't need language to appreciate these beautiful creations!